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Name:jason 'jase' derek rivers ~ oc
Birthdate:Apr 15
Location:Illinois, United States of America

Character Stats:

Name: Jason Derek Rivers
Age: 29
Occupation: None [ex-Cop] / Hitman
Hobbies / Interests: Reading books, swimming, martial arts
Special Skills / Abilites: Third Degree Black Belt in Karate and Tae Kwon Do, able to take apart a car engine and put it back together from scratch, can crack codes, unlock safes...
Marital Status: Widower

Character Info/History:

Jason used to have it all; that perfect life everyone dreamed about. He'd worked hard to get them to the stage where they never had to worry about money ever again, want for nothing. They were trying for a kid. All was perfect.

Maybe too perfect. Because there was something Sophia was hiding from him; the fact that she was the daughter of a notorious loan shark who disapproved highly of her choice of husband. To protect herself, she had changed her identity some ten years ago and been on the run since. When she had been about to leave America, she met Jason at the airport check-in and for some reason agreed to his offer for a date. Within a month, they were engaged. It just felt right. It felt like nothing, and no one, even her father could have come between them. They should have known better.

When she finally told him, instead of leaving, taking her someplace safe, Jason wanted to stay. Talk it out. His biggest mistake.

Sophia died, taking the bullet meant for him and every day he lived with the regret he couldn't save her in time. Until someone showed him the way.

The man known only as The Boss. Part of the secret society of undercover assassins and hitmen. To this day, they have never seen or spoken to each other, except through several shady contacts. He gives him work, Jason delivers. He owes him after all. Otherwise the bastard who killed Sophia would still be alive...

It's just a job, right? Wrong.

Because Jason knows it's changing him, slowly, eating away at the 'good' inside, the man Sophia loved. But he can't stop it.

Credits/Other Info:

profile codes + layout profile banner

RP journal and the only thing this mun owns is the character, so hands off! || Mun and Muse are both 18+ || back-up from lj so all verses apply to anyone off of there, but otherwise? Come at me, bro!!
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